Thursday, July 12, 2007

In a holding pattern

We are officially in a holding pattern. The doctor says that nothing is happening and the due date has come and gone...days ago! I am beginning to swell again. Which is so lovely, hands, feet, ankles, and toes are back to the size of puffy (is puffy really a size?) And I am itchy, itchy, itchy. I am not sure my skin will every forgive me for the torture I am putting it through.

Word on the street is this weekend is a new moon and that sometimes the phases of the moon can play voodoo with babies and labor. We are crossing our fingers. That combined with Friday the 13th--something exciting should happen, right?

Thursday, July 5, 2007

And time drags on...

We are still waiting for baby to make it's appearance. Yesterday was a wonderful day off! Just sleeping in and puttering around was a welcome change from work, work, work. I cleaned up my piles of stuff that seems to find their home all over my house. I can thank my mother for that trait, she is a pile-er also. But we are blissfully pile free for the time being. Most of my strategy is to pile the stuff for so long that when I eventually get to sort it out--most of it just goes into the trash. That solves any decision making process. Which just goes to prove that anything kept long enough soon becomes trash.

I was hoping for a little firecracker baby, but the day has come and gone. Makes me wonder when this little person will decide to make a move. I worked some in the baby's room and I think it is ready. Got all the new stuff out of it wrapping and most of it washed. I have tons of great clothes from Little Miss, that I was able to concentrate my shopping on all the rest of the baby needs. I have enough different baby soaps, that I can test them all and pick out my favorite. It will be interesting once I start to wash the little person and see which one we both like the best. You know it will be the designer label soap, that can only be ordered online and cost more than a pair of shoes. But anything for baby...right?

We are still searching for the perfect name. Right now, we have a list and are going to see what it looks like. I expect that Honey Bun will make the final choice on names. I am having a hard time figuring out what I think is the best and he seems so sure of his choices. We will see when the decision making time comes...I am NOT calling this little person Evangeline and that is what he is campaigning for.
The poor child...can you imagine???