Thursday, August 11, 2011

slipping into old habits

This week I am noticing I am slipping into old habits. Funny how that happens.

When I was a school, my (supposed to be) 20 min lunch always slipped into about 45 min. And it is happening again. My (supposed to be) 30 min lunch is slipping into 45 min. I guess I must just need 45 min to be content with lunch.

Pretty good for me, it only took me 5 years to get back into the habit. Think this is something I will have to remedy when the boss comes back from week!

Friday, August 5, 2011

right on target?

We had our well child check today. It was so nice to see the doctor and actually talk about Sweet Pea and how she is and where she is in her development and where she is going. I like our doctor, she is a young and has kids of her own that are right around Sweet Pea's age and is wonderful to talk to, when I get to just talk about my kid...and not what her fever is or what is coming out of her nose. It was a good visit.

She finally weighs 30lbs. (with her tennis shoes on, but who's keeping track of that?)
She is 39 3/4 inches tall. (will she be ready for Disney in 2 years?)

Those figures make her in the 26th percentile for her age in height (meaning 74% of the kids her age are taller than she is) and 9th percentile for her weight (meaning 91% of the kids her age are heavier than she is) The doctor doesn't seem concerned about that...because she has consistently been right around those numbers for her total existence. She said she is right on target for Sweet Pea...might not be the average 4 year old target...but seems that she is just right for her.

I think she is just right...I am having fun with this 4 year old. She is a little bossy...but that is pretty consistent too!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Blue Ribbon Baby

At the library last week, they had a open craft day. Tons of craft supplies and kids could create anything they could think of. It was so fun. Sweet Pea worked about 2 hours on her projects and she could have worked longer if I had let her. Before we left, the lady in charge told us if we left our projects they would enter them in the fair for us the following weekend. The glue wasn't dry, so I opted to leave them in the box and off we went on our vacation.

We visited the fair last night. She got a blue ribbon on the bracelet she made out of a pipecleaner and beads. The only blue ribbon they gave, went to my daughter! I was so excited I sent a text to all my siblings and my mother. We were a big 4-H family and blue ribbons are BIG.

She didn't really get my excitement. She was just excited to see her stuff on display.
Do you think this is how the "toddlers and tiara" mothers start out?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Terrific vacation!

Hip Hip Hooray! We had a wonderful vacation!

We actually did, I even relaxed a bit. (I am horrible at relaxing, just not good at it) But I did, and nothing bad happened, not one thing...and we all made it home safe!

It was a great trip.

I took the stroller, didn't need to. Guess we are out of the stroller age. I will give it to my SIL that is expecting sometime soon. I loved that stroller...but this trip...the car seat rode in it more than the child. It is out of my garage!

I did a few good things.

I took the car seat and had her ride in it, in the airplane. It was a huge success. She was comfortable, high enough she could see out the window, contained, and did I mention comfortable. We had short flights 1hr20min at the most and she is conditioned to ride in the car seat for long periods of time. Best thing was, she was contained. Yes, we had to lug the car seat all through the airport security and concourse...but it worked out so well and it sat in the stroller most of the time.

We did mostly kid friendly things...or at least one a day. She did great. There was only one day that I didn't let her buy something, and that da...I still feel so bad about it, I still want to drive back to that place and buy the little trinket she wanted. I was so caught up in feeling like I didn't want a kid that expected something at each place that I spent all my energy refusing to buy her a $5 item...Looking back on it...seriously...what was I thinking. It wasn't unreasonable, what she was asking for. It wasn't a huge stuffed animal that we didn't need or even was a little was pretty...I should have gotten it for her. I spent the rest of that day grumpy about how SHE acted, that I didn't even think about how I acted. It is a regret. She is over it, I am not. I learned something on this trip...vacation is about the little things.

When I did let her buy something, she did very well picking. One place she picked 2 pencils. Truly, the child went into a gift shop and picked out 2 pencils and spent $1.50 and told me they were for her school box. She was happy/She is happy. She got them out of the suitcase this morning and put them in her school box. So she can use them everyday...It is the little things.

We went to the aquarium and it was so nice. We all loved it. They had a mermaid show(they girls had to be synchronized swimmers, they did a little routine and waved alot from the tank. It was pretty awesome and it was her favorite part. She wants to be a mermaid for halloween and asked it I could make it look like she had a fin and not legs. I told her I would try.

We rode 2 trains. Kids and Dads love trains, so everyone is happy. We saw dinosaur bones. A tiny town. Husband's college stomping grounds. Visited old friends. Ate dinner and lunch outside. We had a great time.