Monday, January 25, 2010's done

The move is over. We are here in our own little space. And it is good and it is bad...good that I have my own space, so good that I have my own space. But I am going to have to relearn how to do my job and my breaks. Because I am finding that I often off task and in another room in the building...meanwhile my work waits for me.

My room is packed with the puppet collection. And by packed, I mean stuffed to the gills with puppets. Librarians check them out for storytime. So I have to have access to them and since it is a collection that I started, I feel highly territorial about it, so I want to keep the collection with me. And by with me, I mean, right here with me...within reach.

Because I am a "can do" sort of girl, I have organized and put away the paper, office supplies and break room also. Because doing all that much easier than my own stuff.

maybe I can try to bring my camera to work and take a few snappity snap shots for you.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

office move is thursday! Our offices are moving on THURSDAY. And I will have an office of my own. No more loud talk, no more gossip, no more cell phone ringers. I am getting to have my own office. Wonderful thoughts! I know I will be lonely for a few days, but I am hoping I will be more productive.

The public library is getting a remodel and we are moving all the back room staff out to make room for all the mess. I am so happy we are moving out.

But I have about 20 min worth of packing left...and 8 hours to do it tomorrow.

Friday, January 8, 2010

2+ days

The last two days have been a potty training success. NO DIAPERS for the last 2 days at day care!

I was home for 2 weeks at Christmas and we had a marvelous end of the week and I didn't use diapers for the whole week. But day care is different. So when I sent her back to day care on Monday, I sent 4 changes of clothes and also 3 diapers. She used everything. EVERYTHING I tell you. This is the same child that didn't wet anywhere but in the potty for whole week. Then Monday she goes everywhere and must have gone all day (see above mention of 4 changes of clothes and 3 diapers) Tuesday she only used 1 change of clothes...Wednesday golden...Thursday repeat...Friday still to come...

I even returned an unopened package of diapers in the closet to Walmart(thus tempting the fates)

But dare I say it out loud...Sweet Pea is potty trained!!!