Tuesday, May 26, 2009

another phase?

Is this a phase? I sure hope so!

Sweet Pea is crying when I leave her. Sobbing big tears and running after me and then the screaming starts. It started when I left her at the back-up sitter 2 weeks ago and has continued. Today it was especially bad. It is very hard for a mother that has not had to deal with this crying in the morning...very hard. SO, give me your opinion...and I hope I can totally slant the story in my favor and you won't all say that I am creating a monster.

This morning...regular babysitter had an appt. So she wasn't at the house. But she left her mother(who speaks very broken english, but understands what I am saying), her sister-in-law(who speaks no english) and the old lady(that the babysitter cares for). So these 3 women were at the sitters house waiting for us. No other kids were present. Sweet Pea immediately figures out what is going on and starts to get aggitated. I didn't leave her. I know it will only make the screaming worse if I give in and not leave her...but I was a little aggitated also. I didn't want to leave her(even if she wasn't screaming) I took her home and Honey Bun took her with him to the office this morning. He is not teaching for another week and I figure he can keep her for a few hours in the morning.

I called babysitter and told her that I didn't leave her and for her to call when she returns home. I think she was trying to pull a fast one, by not telling me she had an appt. But she got caught. And if it wasn't so hard to find a good sitter and one that lives right across the street...I might get a new one. But doubt it right now. too easy.