Friday, October 31, 2008

another first

The first time the daughter is smarter than the dad! Another big first for us all.

Honey Bun picked up Sweet Pea from the sitter and she was playing in the garage and he was having a beer and watching one of his sports talk shows. When I got home Sweet Pea's shirt is all wet. I inquire why. The answer...she wants to have a drink just like Dad, so he gives her a bottle of water (like a brand new bottle of bottled water) Which spills all over her, because she can't really manage the very full bottle and drinking it.

Mom: why didn't you get a straw?

Dad: Huh? I don't know where those are? Is that what she wanted? Do we even have straws?

Mom: Did you ask Sweet Pea?

Dad: Huh?

Mom: Sweet you want a straw?

SP: nods yes

Mom: (Opening the door to the kitchen) Go get a straw

SP: walks into the kitchen, moves her stool, opens drawer, grabs package of straws, walks back out to garage, presents straws to Mom.

Mom: take them to Dad

Dad: looking amazed, takes a straw from the package and puts it in the half full bottle of water and SP starts drinking.

Like I said she is getting so smart! Will Dad every catch up?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

word list

This is the list of words that Sweet Pea says:

Thank you

She parrots "love you" when I say it to her...but I am not really sure anyone but me would understand it.

bad habit in the making

I think know that we have a bad habit in the making at our house. Ever since we returned from Grandma's house, I have been laying down with Sweet Pea until she falls asleep then I put her in her own bed and I sneak off to do what Mommy's do in the evenings. It is so much easier than the 30 minutes of crying and screaming that we had every evening. And then I would just fall into my own bed with a huge headache (because Honey Bun would just take his beer to the hot tub when the crying started and didn't understand why I was so frustrated) And all that smoldering anger towards him and his routine didn't help the headache any.

I got Halloween candy last night and had to hide it, Honey Bun has eaten the last two bags. I am also giving out play dough to the little kids...wonder if my house will be pelted with it? I thought it was a good idea, but now that Halloween is here--little bit worried.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

weekend shots

Sweet Pea and Little Miss pick pumpkins

Sweet Pea in her new glasses, it was so sunny.

these are all the stuffed animals that she HAS to sleep with. "bearly" room for her in the bed

the 3 monkeys that live at our house!

Monday, October 13, 2008

the best gift

YIKES!! another birthday!!

Birthday went well. Honey Bun finished out my china pattern. Sweet Pea gave me a new pan to make mac-n-cheese in. She loves the stuff.

But Ted, the cat, gave me the best gift of all. He caught a mouse in the living room. He also probably brought it in and lost it, but the important part is he caught it and ate it. Happy Birthday to me!

Isn't she just the cutest little girl?

Monday, October 6, 2008

A good time was had by all

Sweet Pea and me had a wonderful trip to visit Grandma and Grandpa. The drive was long, actually longer going than coming home(because she slept the whole way home!). Weather was nice and all that jazz. We walked in the park for the Humane Society and then looked at the dogs and cats, played on the jungle gym and swinged on the swings. I got my pants hemmed and besides all that had a nice visit. So glad I went.

I have to bring birthday snacks on any good ideas? I am thinking cupcakes, but need something to go along with them.
What sounds good?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

travel planned

Decision made. Going home. Taking off work on Friday. Leaving town. Going home.

Sweet Pea has been sick and the doctor said this time looked worse than last time. She has tons of green snot. Very green and very much. She started antibiotics on Monday morning and last night she still had green snot. I commented to Honey Buns and he said it has to get out. I guess I thought that once you started antibiotics the snot just got better, but he explained that it doesn't work that way. You have to get rid of the green stuff before the better stuff starts. For my whole life, I never knew about that part of sickness. My husband is so smart!

I have tons of stuff on my list to do while I am at home. Which means that Sunday will be busy getting it all done and Saturday will be filled with running around town and enjoying Sweet Pea and watching her with her grandparents.

I have a full October planned, every weekend is full of traveling and fun. I like October and the crisp mornings and brisk evenings. I like the leaves falling and crunching. I like chili on the stove and apple crisp. I even like thinking about Christmas shopping.