Monday, December 13, 2010

the Christmas spirit??

Sweet Pea is slowly driving me nuts! Maybe it is a 3yr old thing, maybe it is just me and Sweet Pea. She says Mom, mom, mom all the time at differing levels of loudness. I respond with Yes, Sweet Pea or something appropriate...but she continues with mom, mom, mom. I am on a slow train to the crazy house!

This weekend in the car, she starts in on me. I answer and then I snap...I tell her to stop talking to me if she isn't going to talk to me and other things along those lines...

her response...

Well, that's not the Christmas spirit.

I didn't quite know what to say, but Honey Buns started laughing. The whole thing blew over, but you know Honey Buns is asking me at every turn if I have the Christmas spirit.

Like I said...slow train to crazy house!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

So...I guess we yell...but it's all good

Sister says to me at you and Sweet Pea always yell at each other?
me: No we don't yell at my house
sis: Umm, yea you do
me: Whatever, we don't

So it turns out...we do. I noticed last weekend that Sweet Pea and me yell quite a lot at each other. Not in a bad way, hurtful way...we just yell to communicate.

Kinda strange when you think about it. Because I don't want to be someone that yells all the time, but I guess maybe I am.