Tuesday, November 27, 2007

We survived!

We survived Thanksgiving! Sweet Pea did well with the traveling. Sleeping in a foreign place is another story...but we survived. I think we saw everyone in our immediate families and they thought that Sweet Pea was just cute as a bug. (which she totally is)

Honey Bun shaved his mustache and Sweet Pea seems to still recognize him--I was worried.

Back to the sleeping problem, we are always going back to the sleeping problem, This child has always had sleeping problems, or is it her mother that creates sleeping problems?
I think I have created a monster child. She won't sleep by herself. It is cold and her room is colder than the rest of the house, so I started bringing her to my bed when she woke up to eat in the middle of the night...that started getting earlier and earlier and over the holidays instead of fighting her, I just slept with her. And now that we are home again she wants to sleep with mom. Honey Bun is not happy with that arrangement, but I am not ready for the crying--and it IS cold. So right now, mom wins...if having baby in the bed is really winning. We go to the doctor on Friday, and I will ask her what she recommends.

Won't she grow up fast enough anyway? And right now she is very snuggly.

Friday, November 16, 2007

free weekend???

We finally have a free weekend. Thanksgiving is going to hit next week and all the Christmas stuff will follow. Yuck! I think I will enjoy watching Sweet Pea and how she will marvel at the lights of Christmas. And this might be the last time I have a Christmas tree that looks like mine. I am the type to have a thin, sparsely decorated twig of a tree...and Sweet Pea is going to demand more tree and more stuff. Kids are like that.

But can you consider it a free weekend if the dirty laundry is piled so high that it will take the whole day to tackle it?

Thanksgiving proves to be busy with trips to MO and KC. But both grandmas have to see the little Sweet Pea. I have finally bought her some warmer clothes, so bring on the December weather.

Christmas shopping is not done yet, but I still have 5 weeks to go, right?