Monday, July 28, 2008

Too many projects

Art lady visited last week and her comment fits my situation perfectly. She said how many projects do you have going right now? I am not sure exactly how many projects I have going, but I will try to list a few for you.

1. Painting the family room. We are getting new carpet in the family room because I really despise the carpet in there. And since Honey Bun replaced the sliding glass door this summer(and did a wonderful job on that project) that room is almost done. New carpet will look wonderful and it perfectly matches the paint that I chose and I have approximately a third of the paint applied.

2. Painting the kitchen. Ever since the kitchen remodel (in Dec) this job has been pushed off and shoved off until I can't possibly wait any longer because I have bought tile for the backsplash area and hired the worker bees. So I painted the wall that touches the area that will be tiled. And I totally love the color.

3. Grapes. When we moved here, Honey Bun brought 4 "patio" grapes (kinda like patio tomatoes only grapes) Well the grape project expanded to permanent when he planted them in the yard and last year they froze off early and we didn't get any grapes. Which brings us to this year and the grapes were really set on and huge bunches. We picked them last night and I made 12 cups of juice with the hopes of making jelly when my mother dear is able to help me.

4. House cleaning. I am a horrible house keeper and have now decided to hire someone to help me with the task. I figure if I can have some help with the floors, dusting and bathrooms I can manage the rest. Basically I spent all of Saturday picking up stuff and putting it away. The place looked great and then Sweet Pea woke up!

5. Thank you notes. I have got to get thank you notes written for Sweet Pea's birthday. We had a great time and I need to upload photos when time allows.

6. Visiting. Summer is almost over and I am trying to squeeze in all my visiting. I have a few more people to see and also need to visit my folks.

7. Team dinner. The girls will be back in town and we always host them for the first night they are in town. It is so hot for a cookout and standing around outside with 15 college kids who don't know each other, so I am making taco stuff and they can build their own tacos. I have 5lbs of hamburger in the fridge that needs to be browned and frozen. Then when it is time for the dinner I will just put it in the crock pot.

I think that is about it for now. Have a good monday!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

best part

The best part about having a birthday! Getting the beater.

I just am having a hard time believing it is time for her first birthday. Doesn't seem possible.

somehow I thought it would be you

That is what I said to Honey Bun a few nights back, because somehow I thought it would be him to give Sweet Pea the Heimlich...but when the child was was me that jerked the tray off the high chair, grabbed her and dislodged the chunk of chicken. Actually Honey Bun (who is the certified first aide and CPR instructor in the family) was startled when I threw the tray and he could not figure out what was going on till it was over and Sweet Pea was crying and I had to tell him that she was choking. Kinda scary, but I had him teach me all the correct moves for an infant and child when she was a brand new baby...and it all came back to me.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ahoy matey!

Overheard in the breakroom...
co-worker #1: Hey, I like your pants...makes you look like a pirate.
co-worker #2: Uhh...thanks?
co-worker #1 breezes out of the room
co-worker #2 turns to me and says, great because that was TOTALLY the look I was going for!

I could only stand and laugh. The pants in question were chocolate brown capri pants.

But my question to co-worker #1 would be...why in the world would you tell someone they looked like a pirate and expect that they would take it as a compliment?

Co-worker # 2 said never in my 52 years has anyone told me I looked like a pirate, not even on Halloween!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

On holiday

This month I just want to be "on holiday" I certainly don't want to be working, and lucky for seems I have scheduled more days out of the office than in.

The 4th of July weekend was a family extravaganza. We saw all the aunts(except two) all the uncles(expect one) all the cousins (except three) and saw one set of grandparents and Sweet Pea made 3 phone calls to the other set. She loves phones and remotes and snagged Honey Bun's phone numerous times this weekend and started punching buttons. On the first phone call to Grammy, Grammy was so happy to get a call from granddaughter...on the third call in so many days, Grammy was telling Sweet Pea to "give the phone to your Dad".

Tomorrow is Sweet Pea's photo shoot. I have planned her first year pictures with a photographer in a neighboring town. I know it is over the top...but you only turn one once, right?

We are meeting "smokin' drinkin' " and her son at the zoo on Friday. Son is 2.5 and "smokin' drinkin'" and I have been friends since college days. Should be a good time (if it is not too hot) (or kids aren't too cranky)

And then it is time to gear up for the BIG First Birthday Party at the lakehouse. I am all worked up about that, as you can imagine. I have big plans and we will see how it all works out. I ordered a cake pan to make a duck cake for my little birthday girl. The pan hasn't arrived yet, but when it does...I will have to make a few practice cakes(the girls at the office will love that) because you know I am not much of a cook and the duck is supposed to be 3-D. Not really sure how it will work out or if it will stand up. It will be an adventure. I will take photos when I am creating.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

house projects in high gear

We have been working on home remodeling this month. Both of us. Honey Bun is learning all about guttering and installing new. He has also replaced the sliding glass door in the family room. I am painting. Family room and Kitchen are slated to be be painted in the near future. Sunday I got halfway around the room with the first coat...and that is where the project has stalled. You see, I can't paint with Sweet Pea around. And I got the work done on Sunday during her 2 naps. Doesn't seem like I get anything painted in the evenings after she is in bed. Between cleaning up messes and other mom tasks, there is no time to paint before I am ready to fall into bed. Guess my painting will be on the back burner till after the holiday weekend and I can make more of an effort to finish.
I found carpet for the family room that I really like. I shopped home-town second. Actually I shopped a discount warehouse type place in a neighboring town first and GOT NO I stomped out and went to the local carpet place. They have something I want, price is alright(not wonderful, but alright) , they will remove the old yucky carpet AND they were so happy that I was there. I had one more carpet place on my list but I think I will forgo that just get it scheduled and take the alright price and enjoy my carpet.

My fear is that I will get this fixer-upper of a house fixed up...and Honey Bun will get the itch to move. Because you know that is going to happen sooner rather than later.