Monday, April 11, 2011

successful conference

This week was library conference. It was good. Good to be away from home, good to come back home. I was gone longer than my typical library conference time...but when I scheduled it I figured that Grammy would swoop in and take care of everything...when it kinda worked out that way. But Honey Buns had to take some of the load and it went better than I thought and not as good as he thought. I think his hopes of the experience were not really rational...but he is a man and not at all observant of the whole situation. Not a slam on him...because he would agree...the things that shocked him...I expected.

She missed her mom...well, Duh. But it threw him for a loop

Bedtime was hard...well, Duh. Like everynight when I finally flop in the chair he asks me why I am so stressed...bedtime is hard. Sweet Pea missed her mom, would not stay in her own bed, needed another drink, another story, missed her see the pattern? So he allowed her to sleep with him. (p.s. not a crime! She slept with us almost the first year of her life, the trick is to move her to her own bed when you are sure she is asleep) He didn't know the trick but we have a King sized bed...they all survived the night.

She wouldn't eat her dinner...but asked for snacks...well, Duh. He gave in and then it was all downhill from there. I told evening of snacks for dinner--not gonna kill her.

The morning was rushed...well, Duh. That is why we lay out the clothes the night morning wardrobe drama.

Grammy arrived the second day I was gone and took over, and it all went well. Sweet Pea was over the moon that Grammy got to see everything...she took her to preschool and even got to meet her teacher. She took her to tumbling class and they started cartwheels. And Grammy brought her a few new was just wonderful having Grammy to herself for the whole time. (Honey Buns had a game and was out of town) Grammy took her to day care late on Friday so she got to sleep in and then Grammy took off for home.

Next year I will have to do a better job at checking everyone's schedule...but we will all be a year older and maybe Sweet Pea can start taking care of her old Dad by then? What do you think?