Wednesday, January 28, 2009

No news

no news is good news

Nothing much to tell. Things have been status quo and we are all just plain giddy about it. I am sticking to my resolution, but did go to the store on Monday for chips and dip. (had to have them) Sweet Pea's spots are slowly vanishing. (Yippee!) Work is going, going, going. Honey Bun's team is doing good. One quit yesterday (panic then relief) and games start in 2 weeks. (more panic)

All is well in our world.

Friday, January 16, 2009 answer

1 of the doctors we saw on Wed was our regular doctor...and she insisted that we come back today. When we got in the room, I could tell that she had been doing some research on our issue.

Her theory...Sweet Pea got a virus from the MMR vaccine. Her rash looks like measles and the bumps look like rubella. So doctor number 1 was correct in saying the rash is viral...but I just didn't have much satisfaction when I got that diagnosis. I just wanted to know what it was...and it is a reaction to the vaccine. The rash should begin to fade and go away as quietly as it arrived.

And since she has had the virus, she should not need another shot of MMR vaccine. When the time comes we will need to get her blood tested and get paperwork for the school that claims she doesn't need another dose of this stuff. She got it the first time.

What a relief. I don't even have worries about that fact that my baby has had measles. I am just feeling like I am able to work again and send her to day care and not have to call to check on her 3 times a day. And now we can start working on the sleeping issues again. Doctor said that since she had this big thing going on in her little body that all her schedules are off and that it will take some time for us to get back to where we were at Christmas time.

But for today we have hope

Thursday, January 15, 2009


We still have the rash. I am at my wit's end with this. This is day 10 of the rash. The only answer I get is it is a virus. Sweet Pea looks horrible. We have been seen by 3 doctors and a PA. No answers.

I am torn between the virus diagnosis and the MMR shot. Reaction to the shot??? Doctors seem to be blowing that theory off.

I was crying in the doctor's office yesterday when they didn't really have an answer for me. Very frustrating. He(the doc) seems surprised to see us back again(we saw him a week ago) and surprised that she looked worse than last week. But he didn't have any more answers for us.

Another appt tomorrow, with another doctor...I will keep you posted.

Monday, January 12, 2009

an update of various information

Just an update on my resolution.

All the money I saved last week, I spent on Saturday. But I am sticking with my weekly shop and menu making. I had to buy some meat, that costs more and "the little mermaid" which is one of my favorites and going into the disney vault today or tomorrow. Sister says that I can just make a copy of the movie, but there is just something about having the original for her. I am just getting my favorites for Sweet Pea so far Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Mermaid. I am not sure what else I will get for her but it will be a few more of the princesses.

Potty chair...I bought a potty chair this weekend. And she is avoiding it like the plague. She slams that lid down hard and says NO, when I say wanna use your potty and Mommy will use her potty? NO. I know I am rushing her, but many days she wakes up with a dry diaper. It is time to start the process. I am ready to start the process.

I Do...I heard this yesterday. Sweet Pea has started to say I do. Meaning back-off Mom.

We had a good weekend. I hope you did too. I actually thought about the Christmas card I never got made or send. Maybe I will do that sometime soon? Valentine's card???

Thursday, January 8, 2009


I haven't been to Walmart in 4 days. Do you think they are noticing my absence?

still here, taking one day at a time

I know you are all dying to know what is happening on Holiday Lane...the answer is another doctor visit. I am so tired to going to doctor visits. But last night was a good experience.

The ears are going good, no more sickness from them and we got the big fat thumbs up from the ENT on Tuesday. Yippee for us!

Sweet Pea got her MMR on New Year's Eve. I have been dragging my feet to give it to her. But finally decided to do it while I was home on break and maybe survive any reaction without a day off of work. Things didn't go too well with that idea. The fever started Saturday and lasted till Tuesday. The rash started Monday on her lower took over her head and face last is everywhere.

Mama Bear took action. I called the doctor's office and insisted that we see a doctor last night(they have some evening hours) we finally left the office at 8:30pm BUT I got an answer. Sometime between the MMR and Saturday she got a viral exanthem(which means rash) So we are waiting that out and treating the symptons with benadryl and tylenol.
I was just about to bawl when the doctor said it was a virus and not measles. Such relief.

Monday, January 5, 2009

It happened to me!

You won't believe it. It was a total mess, and I would not recommend it, but we survived it and we don't want to do it again!

I washed a diaper last night!

Eeewww! yuck! It wasn't a icky diaper, quite possibly it could have been a brand new one. But do you know what those diapers are filled with? That jelly stuff.

So the gel was ALL over the clothes and the washer. It was horrible. And it started to really gross me out, that fact that it was all over everything.

This is what I did...
1. took all the clothes outside and shook them out(which threw the gel all over me)
2. ran the rinse cycle to clean out the washer. I put salt and baking soda in the rinse water. I also had to wipe down the sides of the wash tub with a wet washcloth to work the gel down to the water level.
3. I rewashed the clothes using Oxi-clean (recommended because it uses salt in the formula)
4. Dried them as I normally would.

The clothes are fine, so far. no stains and nothing ruined. But everyone at my house shares the blame. We have been working on throwing things in the trash. And I started laundry basket awareness this past week. As in put your clothes in the dirty basket. She could have easily confused the two. Honey Buns gets her ready for the bath in the evening. He could have left the diaper in her pants and thrown the whole thing in the laundry. And I need to check more faithfully instead of just dumping the whole pile in the washer.

What have you done lately?

my resolution-2009

I am telling all the world my new year's resolution...hoping that will help me to keep on track and continuing to succeed.

This year I vow to make weekly menus and strive to only buy what is on the shopping list.

That is it, think I can do it?

I am one of those that always made fun of the weekly menus, but I had to resort to it in October to keep body and soul together worked. Things were much easier, no dash to the store daily, I knew what to expect for dinner and the weekly shopping trip wasn't all that bad and actually saved me money and time. Around Thanksgiving it all went bad and I totally fell off the wagon and was back to my old ways. Needless to say that December was horrible with all the extra Christmas shopping and the daily grocery shopping and the sick baby. I just can't go back there! I shopped yesterday and only spent $65 for the week. And only bought what was on the list! It was such a great feeling.

Now I have to fight the urge to put extra stuff on the list (like candy and cookies) and I came home on Sunday and started the list for next week.