Monday, March 23, 2009

sick, teeth, sick of teeth

We have been sick. Let me rephrase that, Sweet Pea has been sick. And I am getting sick of her being sick. Last week we battled a 103 fever, the dreaded runny nose, cough and other unmentionables. All the while, Honey Bun was on trips with the team. And the doctor has been busy and we can't get in to see her. But the kicker is the teeth. I think we are getting the 2yr all this sickness could be teeth related.

And I am so tired of changing yucky diapers!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

wake up mommy!

Last night Sweet Pea woke up for a drink. The way that works is she walks into our room and wakes me up. I usually just tell her that her drink is on the table. I try to remember to refill her cup before bed and sit it right beside a small cup of cereal. BUT she hasn't been waking up for a drink in about a week and I have slacked off the diligence. Last night she woke up for a drink.

It was about 12:45am and I stumbled out of bed very confused. Sweet Pea was standing by the bed saying "juice, juice" And in my stupor I thought she was saying shoes. So I walked into her room to get her shoes. She continued to say "juice, juice". Only when I was standing in the kitchen with two little shoes in my hands trying to give them to her, did she say once again "juice, juice" and go touch the refridgerator... the light clicked on in my head and I realized that she didn't want her shoes, she wanted a drink of juice. Duh...

So I refilled the cup and we both went back to bed.

This is the stuff they don't tell you in those parenting classes you take before the baby comes.