Thursday, May 26, 2011

Summer list

I am seeing lots of summer lists on blogs I read...thought I would play along...btw, my menu and shopping resolutions are still going strong...I am holding fast to one trip a week and writing menus...let's hope it lasts through the summer.

Anyway, here is my list for the summer.

1. I want to take Sweet Pea to the zoo, don't care which zoo.
2. I want to visit my Wichita area friends.
3. I want to take Sweet Pea to the new big water park in the town south of ours.
4. I want to visit my college friend and her daughter.
5. I want to ride my bike more than last summer.
6. I want to finish the summer reading program at the library.
7. I would love to finish painting the front room.
8. I want to go camping and have a good time...which is totally different that what happened last year.
9. I would love to take Honey Buns on a trip for his big birthday, but he is being vague about it.
10. I want to do more at work, than just wish I was someplace else. I need to make an attitude change about my time at work, and you are the witness, that I am taking the first step and recognizing the fact that change is needed.

I will keep you posted on my progress to complete this list.