Tuesday, February 21, 2012

new stuff

Had to get a new dryer. Honey Buns said just get the set. So I did.

Looks like this...

The only problem is this...

Should I spring for the pedestals to cover that?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

shopping trip

This weekend Sweet Pea and I made a mad dash to see my niece who recently turned 1 and we can't go to the party. We ate lunch with them and dropped off the gift. Niece fell asleep before the gift part...which wasn't a big deal to us. After leaving niece, we went to the shopping mall. I have been on a quest to replace my work tote. I am calling it a quest, because I have specific things I want in a work tote and I truly love the one I currently carry and I have repaired it many times. I think the handles are soon going to give out.
I found one that was not perfect, but it would do...I didn't buy it. We stopped for new tights and then headed for home. About 60 minutes from the shopping mall, I began to have regrets about the bag.

I asked Sweet Pea...Do you think I should have bought that bag?
S.P....did you love it?
Me...not really.

I then asked, (because I am slow that way) Do I keep looking till I love it?
She said...well, Duh Mom.
And I thought...well, Duh Mom.