Monday, March 14, 2011

stretching it

I am stretching the grocery budget this week. Going to try and eat what we have in the house, skipping the weekly shopping trip. I am still sticking to my resolution of menu planning and weekly shopping trip...I am so proud of myself...this week I just tried to scratch around the cabinets and freezer to find something we already have in stock to eat.

Monday: homemade pizza (using the rest of the sausage from last week and trying to use a frozen loaf of bread to make the crust. There is a recipe on the bread bag that I am trying to follow to use up one of the loaves left over from last week)
Tuesday: roast in the crock pot (Game day meal...that might have to be move to later in the week, depending on the weather, planning to use some potatoes with the roast...that need to be used)
Wednesday: Hamburger helper (Sweet Pea favorite and I always try to ask her to pick something she wants to eat for dinner durning the week...she always picks Hamburger helper!)
Thursday: pork chops on the grill (will depend on the weather, might have shake and bake)
Friday: eat out (or I can turn the left over roast into beef stroganoff)
Saturday: Minute steak in crock pot (Game day meal)
Sunday: Meatloaf (already made in freezer) (Game day meal)

p.s. I might have to bake a loaf of bread if I am serious about not going to the store this week...we only have a half loaf left. Lucky for me I have some of that frozen bread dough left over from last week's Stromboli. And I did get milk yesterday, so no need to worry if the baby is drinking sour milk this week.

special note: Game day meal must be a hearty warm meal. Honey Bun doesn't eat on game days till after the games are over, so he is always wanting "real" food. I usually add mashed potatoes, gravy, corn or other veggies to add to his plate. Seems like lots of food and seems like he always eats it. And when I mean he doesn't eat...he doesn't eat anything but sunflower seeds all day. It is one of his superstitious things...he also doesn't cut his hair once the season starts...that means Feb to May with no haircuts...gets kinda shaggy! I once knew a coach that wore the same socks to each game...makes the no haircut thing seem not so bad!