Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Trip

I am going on a trip next week. The trip...My trip. It's not that I am having reservations, but just the same feelings I have had about this trip are just looming again.

Here's the background story:
This is my 40th year. Big birthday and all that comes with it. 5 years ago the high school girlfriends decided to get together for our birthdays (5 of us have October birthdays) and after that was successful, it was decided to plan something big for our 40th. When we were talking about planning in April, it was something BIG...a trip to Cancun! I was so excited, I got clearance from Honey Buns and never looked back...I was going! Haven't ever been there and how fun to go to Cancun with a bunch of girls!

WELLLLLL, the trip got planned and we are going to Phoenix. Yeah, Phoenix Arizona. Not sure how it got to be Phoenix, but the group decided. It will be fun mostly because I will be with 9 great girls(all my age) and these are my oldest friends(some since first grade). I will be away from home for the first time in 3 years without Sweet Pea. I will miss her, but I am ready for a break from her. I haven't gone anywhere for fun in the last 3 years. I will miss Honey Buns, but I need a break from him too. He is so dissatisfied with his job right now, it colors everything he does and I am ready for a break from that drama.
The plans for this trip are shaping up and the other girls act like they want to sit by the pool and read a book...(couldn't we have done that in Cancun? at an all-inclusive resort???)(I am really trying to get over it!) But really I am not wanting to sit by the pool and read. I want to see something I haven't before, I want to see the area. I am so afraid that I am going to go to Phoenix and just get to see the pool.

I leave a week from Thursday and will be gone for 4 days. Honey Buns already called his Mom and he and Sweet Pea are leaving that Friday for the whole weekend so Grandma can take care of them both. Everyone is excited about that(including Grandma)
I will let you know how the trip goes!