Friday, July 10, 2009

102, how about you?

Guess who? Has a 102 fever...since Wednesday! Yep, it is our favorite little Sweet Pea. Just in time for the plane trip, just in time for vacation. She also has an angry rash or something rash-like all over her "little girl parts" It looks very painful and she has been saying mommy itchy
I called the doctor's office, and the way to snotty for a Thursday afternoon receptionist told me that the doctor has just been full and she didn't think it would be possible to even get in to see the doctor this week or next...I politely asked her to check again on Friday because I had a sick baby. Low and behold...there was an opening at 2pm. Someone must have just canceled. Or she was just trying to get rid of me. I haven't been there since the first week of June. We have had a surprisingly well summer and I should not be complaining about her being sick is just the vacation factor.

And one more thing. Honey Bun will be taking Sweet Pea to the dr, because the only pedicure time available before vacation is 1:30 today. I have had the appt for a week and even a 102 fever is going to make me miss that. I gotta get my toes done!