Wednesday, April 28, 2010

isn't she sweet

Little Sweet Pea in her bed sleeping peacefully. So beautiful, so precious.

(are you seeing this warm fuzzy picture?)

I gently stroke her arm to wake her from her sleep...

she replies...


Monday, April 19, 2010

Home alone?

Home alone takes on another meaning when you are a mom...home alone for me means...home with Sweet Pea and Honey Buns is away from home. This has been a long softball weekend and I have been home alone. I am tired. I am happy to be at work, because I am getting a break. Honey Buns will be home tonight late, late late...but he will be home. And I will be glad for that. He got some wins and I am happy for that. Really happy for that. Makes the trip easier for him and we need the wins. Only 3 weeks of ball left.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


day care is going fine. no crying yesterday, little crying today. It helps to know the kids and want to go so you can play with the kids.

I am happy it is going well.

Now the preschool discussion is surfacing. She will be 3 this summer. Preschool is 1-3 Tu and Thurs. How is the world am I going to manage that?

Friday, April 9, 2010

We survived!

Grammy and Grampy came to cover for me. I had a conference to go to and they came to save the day. Grammy made Honey Buns favorite foods and served him like the royalty he is (to her!) Me, I just treat him like the same ole Honey Buns and he usually treats me like a he was due some pampering.

Sweet Pea had a great time with them. She was ready for her mom to be home, but I think that Grammy was pretty grand.

New Day Care situation is going well. She is still crying when I drop her off...but I think that is to be expected and I am trying real hard to ignore it. She is so happy when I am there to pick her up and the beginning pre-school is really good for her.

I have started to struggle with the preschool decision. Should she go when she turns to 3 or do I wait. If it was tomorrow I think I would say wait, but since it is in September, I am thinking sign her up. A few days ago they had 2 slots open in the afternoon session...that's all that is left. I really really wanted to try and get her into the special ed preschool as a peer model. But they won't test her or even talk to me until she is 3...doubt the 2 slots will be available after the birthday. It is $35 to hold your preschool slot...should I pay the money and forfeit it if the special ed option works? Plus...I will have to think about the transportation...I gotta get her to preschool twice a week? three times a week? I better get some more information on this school stuff.

Monday, April 5, 2010

That wasn't supposed to happen

Our day care situation totally blew up last week. Honey Buns said about a month know you are going to have do something about {insert old day care lady's name here}...

a few comments about that...
1. why does it have to be me that deals with it?
2. when do I have time to deal with it?
3. how is Sweet Pea going to handle this?
4. can't we all just get along?

What does he have...a crystal ball? Me thinks yes!

And yes, the whole day care thing blew itself to smithereens.

So we have a new one. Still a neighbor, 2 houses the other direction.
It is going to be good...once we get over the trauma of it all. Sweet Pea is still crying (I know it has only been 3 days) but the crying starts in the morning when she wakes up. Isn't that extreme? Maybe not if you are into drama...we seem to be into drama.

New daycare lady has "school" they have time when they start to use pencils and crayons and she brings home papers covered in scribbles. It is so sweet.
New daycare lady is very strict and they follow a schedule...really follow a schedule.

It is going to be good for Sweet is going to get better. I just have to keep saying that.