Thursday, August 28, 2008

is it possible???

Is it possible to get too much sleep? Sweet Pea was up about an hour sometime after 3am to sometime after 4am. Just to play. I went in her room to stop the crying and she just wanted up. So I tried everything I could think of to get her back to sleep and finally just got in the bed and she wandered around the room playing and talking for while. After some time, she crawled up on the stool and patted my arm, I hauled her up into the bed and she settled to sleep again.

I figured I would have trouble getting her up at 7:15 and to the babysitter's, but when I woke her up at regular time and she was a happy baby, not cranky and tired. Not real sure how I should be handling this new wrinkle in her sleep schedule...just trying to go with it and survive the day.


I made another pound cake. This time I made it exactly like the recipe, and it was wonderful. It calls for 1 cup coconut that I omitted when I made the duck. I took this one to work and got many compliments. It takes a long time to make a pound cake, but I think I might be getting good at this recipe!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Pain, Pain go away

TEETH strike again. We are battling the next level of teeth. Those big molars in the back. Bottom left is almost broken through and the other 3 are knocking on the door. Sweet Pea is on antibiotics for the ear infection that the teeth caused (just like when we got the big front teeth)

The sad thing is she is waking from nighttime sleep and naptime sleep crying with pain and chewing on the binky wildly. So I try to get some meds down her and we rock back to sleep.
We still have the baby monitor going(Honey Bun protests still using it) but I stagger into the bedroom to the crying baby. This week I have been tired and truly have been staggering into her room. TGIF

Friday, August 8, 2008


Thought you might like an update on my project list.

1. painting...I got the family room done and I LOVE the paint color. New carpet was put down on Wednesday and it looks great in there. Also got a new shelf for toys with my new passion...baskets. Sorted the toys and took all the baby toys out of the piles and put the books on a shelf so they are more visible, and that is working wonderfully. Sweet Pea can find and is reading her own books and not mine AND she can see her toys that she wants. Working out great!

2. cleaning...hired a high school girl to help with this task. She came last night and worked for almost 3 hours and the place is as sparkling as a fixer-upper is ever going to be. Now I have to decide if I want her to come back in a few weeks to maintain the sparkle. While she was here, I kept thinking that I could do all the stuff she was doing...but finally decided that I don't have 3 hours to give to cleaning exclusively and I was playing with Sweet Pea and she was just cleaning, so there is that to consider. Also I picked up the clutter and that could possibly be more trouble than the other cleaning jobs combined(or at least that is what I tell myself) So I guess I am saying that she had the easy part?

3. Thank you notes...I got some of them made...not mailed just made. One task at a time, right?

This weekend Sweet Pea and I are going to visit Best Friend and Little Miss. Should be fun, we are going to a hotel that has a children's play pool and we are hoping that the girls play in the water and we can visit then we will be out to eat, stay the night and come home in the morning. Sweet Pea loves the water, not sure about Little Miss...but hope the weekend goes well with us 4 girls on our own. That or we will have 2 screaming children in a hotel room. It could go either way.