Friday, February 26, 2010

Teacher License

So I have my teaching license. The one I struggled and worked for and finally got after 4 long years (but the best 4 years) of college. And it is going to expire in 2011. Which doesn't sound bad...until you realize that I haven't been using it for 5 years and how in the world am I going to renew if I don't have any experience in these last 6 years to renew with. So I visited my local USD and got almost no help at all. Then I called the State Board of Ed and got some good info. I have to start with my local USD and if I am not getting any cooperation I can use another USD in the state.

The one good thing I did get from the local board office is the name of the PDP chairperson. I emailed and got no response, but Honey Buns who is so optimistic and kind said I needed to call before I gave up on them. I called and she was nice and I drove right over to get the process started. I am working real hard to fill out the paperwork. I have to prove I have 120 hours of continuing education. I have to fill out a form on each CE event I went to in the last 3 years and I have proof I went. Lucky for me I kept alot of that stuff. Because it would be real real hard to come up with 120 hrs if I didn't. I submitted 80 hrs yesterday for approval and I hope it gets approved. But that means I have about 19 months to get the remaining 40 points. Then print the form out and get the license renewed.

If it all gets approved.

scratch that... Today is the opener canceled AGAIN. So we are trying today. To finally have the first game of the season. Honey Buns dressed and out the door by 6:15am. Me dragging out of bed at 6:10 to send him off with a sleepy smile. I hope he gets this game out of the way so we can start the madness!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Season opener

Today is the first game of the season. I am hoping I remember, because I am planning to take off and be there. Honey Buns is 7 games shy of 400. I am going to try to be at the big one also. But if it is out of town...won't be going. Lucky for me he has a few home games in a row.

cheerleader? sadly no

Remember that cheerleader camp that Sweet Pea was too young for? We went and we went home early. She only wanted to stay for about an hour. She just watched which means she stood in the middle of it all and watched. Watched while the girls stretched. Watched while the girls jumped. Watched while the girls cheered. It was quite pitiful when the college cheerleaders were pleading with her to participate and she began crying "Mom, Mom, Mom" And then the poor college kid was dashing around trying to figure out which one was her mother. Meanwhile I was standing and waiting and Sweet Pea was staring right at me.

Then we watched the whole group from the bleachers. Then it was time for the dancing. I went out there on the mats with her. They started the music and started teaching the dance and Sweet Pea danced around on the mats for a few minutes...then looked at me and said "can we go home"

So we did.

Once we got home she did the cheer (correctly) for her father. And continues to do the cheer on a regular basis...and she got her father to hold her in the air(like the cheerleaders) and she raises her little arms and repeats the cheer. Daddy is sure she will get a cheerleading scholarship.

Everyone has to have a plan B and cheerleading must be his...because at her birth...he was sure she was going to be a pitcher.

Friday, February 12, 2010

I owe you

my little cheerleader

This weekend Sweet Pea is going to cheerleading day camp. Exciting time at our house! You know she wants to be a dancing girl...Saturday we will see what she does when she will actually be there with the dancing girls. The college is having a little kids clinic and you are supposed to be 4 to attend...but I caught the coach at the game and we get to go. I will post pictures later.

Monday, February 8, 2010

You be the Mom, I be the dancing girl

Our new game is I be the dancing girl, you be the mom. What does the dancing girl do...duh...she dances. What does the mom do...duh...she claps when the dancing girl is done. We play this all the time...and...we play this with whatever music we have available. Lately it is the musical sit-n-spin (that I got for Christmas with a $10 off coupon, so it only cost me $9, total steal) But she also plays her music CD's and the child has 3 now...or...we use music off the TV. But she dances and I clap for her. I am NOT allowed to dance...because...wait for it...I am not the dancing girl...I am the mom.

So to make this story more interesting. I have been searching for an MP3 player for her. Kid proof. She has been using Honey Buns discman, which seems like a good option till you hear it clatter to the floor and the child yelling that the music quit. So Honey Buns has to get it going again and that works till it hits the floor again. So I found a fisher price one on ebay that seemed just what I wanted...but could not justify the price for a used machine. So knowing that argument and just knowing me and my cheap ass...I continued to search for MP3 options for the younger set...and I found sweetpea3. Which totally seemed like a sign. I bought the purple one. And you can see the price is considerably higher than the ebay FP3...but I wanted it. And it has it's own speaker and it will work with our headphones.

It came today...I love it.

I already loaded up her favorite CD and am waiting to see how she reacts when her favorite song starts playing. Happy Valentine's day Sweet Pea!