Monday, June 4, 2007

After the shower

We didn't even know we needed all this stuff! As we traveled home the car was packed to the top with gifts and goodies. I am not quite sure where all this stuff will go and I just started stacking it in the baby's room. I will have to make time this week to sort it all out! It was wonderful to see friends and family. And everyone says that a baby will use tons of stuff. And I hope we are prepared for that. Seems like we are, if the piles in the room are any indication...but guess we will figure it out as it happens.

Honey Bun is continuing to be glued to ESPN and will be glued until the WCWS is completed in OKC. It is great that they are broadcasting all the softball games on ESPN, but that also means that we have to watch all the softball games. Aren't we lucky!

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