Tuesday, September 11, 2007

back on the job

I am back at work this week. Which means I have time to add to my blog. I am still trying to get the hang of this blogging thing and also adding photos has eluded me. I suppose because I am on my work computer and I have the photos on my home computer.

Sweet Pea is at the sitter this week and they are loving her. She is so smiley when I drop her off in the morning and then when I pick her up there is just a little bit of smileyness left in her, until she turns into that fussy baby we both know and love. I have been able to feed her lunch this week, but am worried when I have to start traveling and lunch for her will be a bottle and my lunch hour will be filled with the sound of the breast pump.

I finally ordered my stroller. I know the child is only 2 mo old, but I want a jog stroller to take her to the softball games and on long walks around the neighborhood. This is the stroller I wanted, I love the chocolate and pink color. And this is the stroller I bought*. Just could not justify the cost right now and Honey Bun implied that if I was going to spend that much on a jog stroller...I should start jogging. So I spent the rest of the wedding gift cards on my stroller. It is being delivered this week. Watch out world, Sweet Pea and her mommy will be strolling around.
*If I don't like it, I am still reserving the option to return it and get the fancy one!

Hurray for me--I put two links in this posting. Are you on pins and needles to see what I will figure out next?

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