Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas letter 2007

Holiday greetings from our house to yours! I hope you are someplace warm and snug this holiday season.

What a difference a year makes! Our world changed in the blink of an eye on July 18, 2007. Sweet Pea is the light of our life. Sounds corny but very true. She is a beautiful baby, growing and changing everyday. She got her first tooth last week and now we wait on the other three. We have the perfect day care situation with the neighbor across the street keeping her and they have 5 other kids of various ages to tend to, but often she is the only one there. We got a jog stroller to take to softball games so Sweet Pea and I will be in the stands to cheer Honey Bun to a victory. He is returning a large sophomore class and we have hopes of them finishing even better than last year. My job is going well. I am still traveling around to libraries in the region and working on CE for children's librarians. As homeowners we are updating the house and always seem to have a project going on, right now it is the kitchen but I have been formulating plans to do the bedroom next.

Sounds like we are busy folks and I am sure that you are too. Drop us an email and let us know how it is all going!

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