Saturday, January 19, 2008

6 months...Whee!

Can't believe that six months has past. Sweet Pea is a half-a-year old!!! She will be crawling sooner than later. She gets in the position and then collapses, so we know that it will be soon. And then we have all the babyproofing to do, YUCK! You all know how horrible I am at housekeeping. Maybe this daughter will help me change my ways.

Thought I needed to get her pictures take, professional bundled her all up and jetted to Wal-mart to the photo studio that is usually in the front of the store...notice I said usually...because we don't have one in our store. Can you believe that! More importantly...can you believe that I dressed my child up and drove the 3 blocks to Wal-mart(that I have been in about a jillion times) AND we don't even HAVE a photo studio in our Wal-mart! So there I stood in the doorway stunned that first-we don't have a studio and two-why did I think we had one and three-which Wal-mart have I been in lately that actually does have the studio feature.

So I came home and took my own photos. Please excuse the sheet showing in the back, thought it would look better than the wall in the living room, but kinda looks silly.
This is my favorite of the bunch. Ted is wanting to see what is going on! His world has really changed in the past 6 months.

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