Thursday, January 3, 2008

the dreaded croup

Happy New Year--I think...we have the dreaded croup. Even if we HAD been invited to a wild party with friends and fun. . . we would have stayed home with sick baby. And in case you hadn't figured it out, we were NOT planning a night of wild abandoned fun. Hello, we are married with a baby now, folks.

Doctor confirmed and we have both heard the barking cough. Sweet Pea is sick. She hates to take medicine. So what is a poor mother to do, when we just spent $45 at the pharmacy on medicine that I know she won't take. Got any good hints for me?

This is what I have tried so far, just poking it in the mouth(spit it out) In the juice (threw the bottle) in the sweet potatoes( spewed them all over mommy and the whole kitchen) and the medicine binky(which Dad thought was a wonderful idea--till he tried it and she spit it and the medicine all over him) This morning I just snuck up on her and she spit some, but I think she got some and I am resigned to the fact that if she won't take it--she will either get worse and end up in the hospital or get better and it will all be over.

I dropped her off at daycare today. They will only have Sweet Pea and the 3year old today. Honey Bun was going to keep her, but looked visably relieved when I opted for day care lady. When I drove off, I felt horrible (even worse than when I left her for the very first day) but she will get good care and constant attention. I will go at lunch and give her more meds and feed her. And they will call if she needs her Mom.

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technorae said...

A few things you might try:
1. Wet your finger and stick it in her ear, when she wails --use the medicine eye dropper and shoot the meds in!

2. Stick the medicine eye dropper in the very back of her cheek and squeeze FAST!

3. Put her in the bath (either the kitchen sink with a foam thingy or the tub) and then give her the medicine--easier to clean up that way!

4. Put her in her baby bed (yes, I know you like her in bed with you) and then prop the head of her bed up with big, fat phone books. Sleeping elevated will keep fluids from pooling in her ear canal and making Sweet Pea even sicker. :)

Good luck!