Wednesday, January 30, 2008

She can Kick!

Today we are changing her name from Sweet Pea to Karate Kid. Because this kid can kick! And I am talking ALL NIGHT LONG. Doesn't she know she has this cushy gig going...sleeping in the big bed with Mom. Doesn't she realize she is walking a tight rope....and does she realize her time is running out? Last night the sand was running out of the hourglass as she was kicking, wiggling, pulling hair, and scooting...until she was perpendicular to me and her head was very close to HANGING off the side of the bed. And then there was more kicking when I drug her back to the middle of the bed. is running through my head that the time has come to move her to her crib, no matter how much she cries. And that she can not possibly keep me up more than she already is. Even if her room is cooler than ours and even if her bed is harder than ours and even if she will be lonely and even if she is sick. (see all my excuses)

At least you can be sure that I will have Honey Bun's support, he has been hinting at this since she was 2 months old. And for those of you that think he is just so easy going and all that jazz...well he has his ways of getting his point across. Lately we have been 3 across in king sized bed with me in the middle. So Sweet Pea works on me from the left and Honey Bun is on the right and I am a hot, sweaty, smashed Mommy in the middle. I have been escaping into the other room to sleep. Then Sweet Pea starts wiggling and scooting till she is right next to him, and that wakes him up(he is a light sleeper) and he brings her to me and then he goes back to the big bed alone. Then he makes a casual comment like: How did you sleep last night?
As if he didn't know.

I will let you know if I actually do something about this sleeping problem, or if I just continue to complain about it. Because complaining is so much easier than fighting a crying baby in the middle of the night.

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technorae said...

Take the leap, put Sweet Pea in her own bed. If need be, put her bed in your bedroom, but put her in her own bed. All three of you will sleep better. :)