Tuesday, February 19, 2008

babyproofing begins

I was off work, because of President's day yesterday and spent the day...baby proofing the house. Every room, except Honey Bun's bathroom (which I refuse to clean) has been uncluttered and outlets have been covered and extension cords have been eliminated and cabinets are shut tight.

I even put up a baby gate to insure that she doesn't get the hot water heater. Which caused all kinds of panic. Honey Bun didn't know what to do then...he was on the garage side of the gate and didn't know how to get to the kitchen. You step OVER. I could tell that was troubling to him. Then the cats were having the same problems. I had to take each one and put them over it, Bill finally jumped over. You see the litter box is in the garage, so mastering the jump over the gate is important to us all. Ted had a wild look in his eye, so I am sure he had an interest in mastering the jump also.

I know the baby proofing only lasts till she finds something else to put in her mouth or pulls the iron down on her head...but for one day...she is safe.

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