Friday, October 31, 2008

another first

The first time the daughter is smarter than the dad! Another big first for us all.

Honey Bun picked up Sweet Pea from the sitter and she was playing in the garage and he was having a beer and watching one of his sports talk shows. When I got home Sweet Pea's shirt is all wet. I inquire why. The answer...she wants to have a drink just like Dad, so he gives her a bottle of water (like a brand new bottle of bottled water) Which spills all over her, because she can't really manage the very full bottle and drinking it.

Mom: why didn't you get a straw?

Dad: Huh? I don't know where those are? Is that what she wanted? Do we even have straws?

Mom: Did you ask Sweet Pea?

Dad: Huh?

Mom: Sweet you want a straw?

SP: nods yes

Mom: (Opening the door to the kitchen) Go get a straw

SP: walks into the kitchen, moves her stool, opens drawer, grabs package of straws, walks back out to garage, presents straws to Mom.

Mom: take them to Dad

Dad: looking amazed, takes a straw from the package and puts it in the half full bottle of water and SP starts drinking.

Like I said she is getting so smart! Will Dad every catch up?

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