Wednesday, October 29, 2008

bad habit in the making

I think know that we have a bad habit in the making at our house. Ever since we returned from Grandma's house, I have been laying down with Sweet Pea until she falls asleep then I put her in her own bed and I sneak off to do what Mommy's do in the evenings. It is so much easier than the 30 minutes of crying and screaming that we had every evening. And then I would just fall into my own bed with a huge headache (because Honey Bun would just take his beer to the hot tub when the crying started and didn't understand why I was so frustrated) And all that smoldering anger towards him and his routine didn't help the headache any.

I got Halloween candy last night and had to hide it, Honey Bun has eaten the last two bags. I am also giving out play dough to the little kids...wonder if my house will be pelted with it? I thought it was a good idea, but now that Halloween is here--little bit worried.

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Amy said...

My house will be covered too because I am also giving out play doh.