Tuesday, November 25, 2008

doctor visit...s...

Sick again. That is the story at our house. Sick again. Turns out we have been on 6 (SIX) courses of antibiotics this calendar year. Can you believe 6!!!! I was shocked. I know that things have been sickly at our house, but SIX times we have gotten the drugs.

And now we have gotten the referral to the ENT--to talk about ear infections and allergies.
And I am sure the issue of tubes in the ears will come up.
I am not opposed to tubes in the ears, they work and bring relief to many, many kids. I just want to be sure that my kid needs them and that ear infections are the problem and not just allergies.

I know Sweet Pea has allergies, there is no way she can't, she is her mother's daughter. And my allergies are horrible, year-round and well documented and medicated year-round. But,(cross your fingers) no sign of asthma yet. Other than the croupy cough and the wheezy sounds that come with it (in the middle of the night)

Last night we were up in the steamy bathroom fighting the croupy cough and searching for relief. It was working, but I am anxious to speak with the ENT to talk about allergies and what we can do for my little Sweet Pea.

On a happy note: I will add some photos later. She has recently started LOVING the shopping cart and putting her baby in it and driving it into all the door jams in the house. Somehow no matter how you line up the shopping card...she can drive it right into the jam totally missing the door hole! Amazing.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, we are traveling west for Thanksgiving and east for Christmas. Leaving tomorrow for a whole weekend of extended family fun. Enjoy yours!

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