Friday, January 16, 2009 answer

1 of the doctors we saw on Wed was our regular doctor...and she insisted that we come back today. When we got in the room, I could tell that she had been doing some research on our issue.

Her theory...Sweet Pea got a virus from the MMR vaccine. Her rash looks like measles and the bumps look like rubella. So doctor number 1 was correct in saying the rash is viral...but I just didn't have much satisfaction when I got that diagnosis. I just wanted to know what it was...and it is a reaction to the vaccine. The rash should begin to fade and go away as quietly as it arrived.

And since she has had the virus, she should not need another shot of MMR vaccine. When the time comes we will need to get her blood tested and get paperwork for the school that claims she doesn't need another dose of this stuff. She got it the first time.

What a relief. I don't even have worries about that fact that my baby has had measles. I am just feeling like I am able to work again and send her to day care and not have to call to check on her 3 times a day. And now we can start working on the sleeping issues again. Doctor said that since she had this big thing going on in her little body that all her schedules are off and that it will take some time for us to get back to where we were at Christmas time.

But for today we have hope

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Amy said...

Yea, I am so glad you got an answer. I am sure that is a big relief.