Monday, February 9, 2009

100th episode

I think this is my 100th posting!

I can't believe that I have really stuck with this whole blogging thing. I haven't been doing too good lately, but I have been mostly pouting.

The season starts this week, Honey Bun leaves tomorrow and will return on Sunday. I am not good at being a single mom. My sister is a champ at it, but me...not so good. I mostly wallow in my singleness. And whine to Honey Bun about the singleness. But unlike my sister, he will be home on Sunday. This time I have all kinds of fun planned. Business trip this week, so I am loading Sweet Pea up and taking her with me and dropping her off on the way with her grandparents for the day and on the way home we are stopping off to see some friends. My plans are to get home Saturday night to wait for Honey Buns to roll in and we will exclaim how much we missed him.

Think he will buy it?

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Amy said...

Good Luck on a good weekend. I know for a fact that I would not be a good single mother either. So luck and have some good quality time with Sweet Pea.