Monday, February 23, 2009

and your time starts now

Sweet Pea was in time out 3 times this weekend. But when she came out she was sweet. The last time it was a miraculous change. She was a very polite little girl. I am going to have to do this time-out thing more often. I am trying to follow the love and logic plan...and I am trying hard. I know she gets away with too much, I threaten too much, and then she doesn't know what to do when I snap. I need to make the first time the last time. I am trying hard to be a good parent.

Why is it so hard?


Amy said...

Maybe I should read Love and Logic again. I read it along time ago, and Wonderboy and I need something. Or one of us may not make it. Ha Ha

Library Lady said...

I have the CD and try to listen to it whenever I feel like I need reinforcement. It helps to keep me level.