Monday, January 25, 2010's done

The move is over. We are here in our own little space. And it is good and it is bad...good that I have my own space, so good that I have my own space. But I am going to have to relearn how to do my job and my breaks. Because I am finding that I often off task and in another room in the building...meanwhile my work waits for me.

My room is packed with the puppet collection. And by packed, I mean stuffed to the gills with puppets. Librarians check them out for storytime. So I have to have access to them and since it is a collection that I started, I feel highly territorial about it, so I want to keep the collection with me. And by with me, I mean, right here with me...within reach.

Because I am a "can do" sort of girl, I have organized and put away the paper, office supplies and break room also. Because doing all that much easier than my own stuff.

maybe I can try to bring my camera to work and take a few snappity snap shots for you.

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