Thursday, February 25, 2010

cheerleader? sadly no

Remember that cheerleader camp that Sweet Pea was too young for? We went and we went home early. She only wanted to stay for about an hour. She just watched which means she stood in the middle of it all and watched. Watched while the girls stretched. Watched while the girls jumped. Watched while the girls cheered. It was quite pitiful when the college cheerleaders were pleading with her to participate and she began crying "Mom, Mom, Mom" And then the poor college kid was dashing around trying to figure out which one was her mother. Meanwhile I was standing and waiting and Sweet Pea was staring right at me.

Then we watched the whole group from the bleachers. Then it was time for the dancing. I went out there on the mats with her. They started the music and started teaching the dance and Sweet Pea danced around on the mats for a few minutes...then looked at me and said "can we go home"

So we did.

Once we got home she did the cheer (correctly) for her father. And continues to do the cheer on a regular basis...and she got her father to hold her in the air(like the cheerleaders) and she raises her little arms and repeats the cheer. Daddy is sure she will get a cheerleading scholarship.

Everyone has to have a plan B and cheerleading must be his...because at her birth...he was sure she was going to be a pitcher.


Amy said...

I am so sorry. Maybe that means cheerleading is not in her future.

Amy said...
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