Tuesday, July 26, 2011

too big??

Do you think a 4yr old is too big for the stroller? She still fits poundage wise, her legs dangle and her head rubs the sunshade...but...it's OK, right??

We are going to the big D this weekend. It is our mini vacation. Visiting Honey Buns college buds and having a little family fun mixed in.

We are flying. So I am feeling compelled to take the stroller. Mostly so she can be in it, in the airport. Opinions? My fear (besides losing her in the airport) is a tired little person that doesn't want to walk, that I may have to carry (all 30lbs. of her) along with my luggage and the carseat. Meanwhile trying to keep track of husband, who will be carrying his luggage and pointing the way to the rental car.

Is it worth the stroller hassle?

p.s. our flights are early, like 6:45am early on the first day...and late, like 7pm late. I am so worried that she will be not her Sweet Pea best at either time. (please read whiny and uncooperative)

My other option would be to get her a small rolling suitcase and make walking more fun because she can drag her own bag. But in the Big D you know you have to walk a long ways and take the train...is she going to wear out?

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