Tuesday, August 21, 2012

new hobby

Now that school has started, I have a new hobby...packing lunches.  Right now, I love packing lunches.  I bought EasyLunchboxes with a cooler...and couldn't recommend them more.  Love them. 
 This is Sweet Pea's lunch.  Featuring PB & J sandwich, cheetos, grapes, cookies, fruit snacks.  thermos of pink milk was in the bag. 

Honey Buns lunch.  Featuring Pastrami Sandwich, hard boiled egg, carrots and dip.  Chips, pop and cookies were in the bag also.  
 Mama Bears lunch. Featuring romain lettuce, chicken, tomato, grapes, and crackers.  2 Dove chocolates were in the bag also. 
This is what it looked like when everyone started out the door.  Each cooler holds an ice pack

This is the first day I had to pack 3 lunches.  I need to get up earlier if I am going to do this again.  I had planned out what I wanted to pack in each, just took time to get it in the cooler.  EasyLunchboxes have one lid that is easy to open for little people.  They are not leakproof...but are perfect for the types of lunches I pack. 

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by Amy Watkins said...

I love looking up Bento lunches. That is what I am using. Kev gets a kick out of what I send him because I don't tell him.