Monday, February 11, 2008

6 mo shots

It was thundering and lightening and raining ice pellets when I woke up this morning. Honey Bun called from the office and said it was bad out and for us to be I opted to stay home till after the doctor appt. Sweet Pea had to have her 6 mo shots. Poor Baby! I had a good visit with the doctor and I really like her, but she is expecting again and I am wondering if I should schedule our yearly check-up for after her maternity leave. I expect I will just so I can see her.

We had to wait in the waiting room for 30 minutes. And I even had to say, "we have been waiting 30 minutes, should I reschedule my appointment?" You know what happened next...the nurse came out and put us in a room and we sat another 20 minutes. And we were in a room that looked like it used to be a storeroom(yesterday) and they just rolled in the examination table--right before we walked in. ANYWAY. I think they should at least tell you that the doctor is running about an hour late, and I don't expect that they will say...we have been waiting for you, come right in. But 50 minutes of waiting...gimme a break.

But I had a huge list of questions and I totally got my $25 co-pay's worth of the doctor's time. So now she is over an hour later than she was.

The nurse came in with the shots and asked me if I wanted to stay in the room? Like I would leave my child, when we both knew she was going to hurt her. And then she asked me if I would be able to hold her down. I mean really...the child is 6 months old. Yes, I can hold her down. She cried so hard. I knew it was going to hurt, she got 3 shots and I did my part and talked to her and held her and then got her dressed so we could go out in the cold. I think it hurt her feelings that I would allow that to happen to her. She was asleep before we got home and I carried into day care and put her in the crib. I left the tylenol with her and can't wait for 4:30, so I can go get her. Already it is an emotional day!

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