Thursday, February 7, 2008

a numerical list

1. Last night an o'possum got into the garage. Who we lovingly call Eppossumondas(have you read the book? Very Cute!) And as you might have guessed, Eppossumondas has visited before. Honey Bun used to use the garage trash for real trash when he was BBQing and Eppossumondas was a regular visitor to our garage because at that time we were also leaving the big garage door open for the cats. So it was possum thanksgiving EVERYNIGHT!

Back to my story...

Last night Eppossumondas got into the garage and made himself at home in the back corner nestled in some leftover construction materials. Honey Bun alerted me to the fact, I looked and was him. Honey Bun finished cooking the pork chops (which were wonderful) and then turned off the lights--so Eppossumondas could leave in peace.
I called sister and asked her what to do, she said that little brother and bread baking fiancee helped her get the chipmunk out of her garage this summer and to call bread baking fiancee and ask her what to do. So I did. Since she is a farm-girl, she said that they go wild for cat food. So I took her advice and put a pile of cat food on the driveway...pretty soon I checked on it.
She was RIGHT, cat food was gone....Eppossumondas was gone.... and I was happy! So I quickly shut the garage door and the kitchen began to warm up again. I can't believe we lived with the garage door open all winter for the cats.

2. I am still breastfeeding Sweet Pea. But I am also slowly weaning her. She eats sweet potatoes, squash, peas, carrots, peaches, bananas, pears, apple and cereal. She is drinking formula from the bottle and nurses at lunch and at bedtime. I know I am going to eliminate the lunch feeding soon. And today it is looking like soon is going to be here before I am ready!
She cried when I left at lunch today. I just want to flit in feed her and flit back to work. The back-up babysitter was there today and that probably had something to do with it, but I can't handle crying in the middle of the day. Tomorrow I have to travel, so no lunch visit...but I will have to see how next week goes. I made it to 6 months with the breast feeding which was my goal, but lately she has wanted a bottle after breast feeding, meaning she is still hungry.
And I am finally having to face that I am done with this phase and need to progress with the weaning and on to the next step.

3. I have been not nice today and it totally rubbed off on everyone else in my department. Sorry folks! I am usually a morning person, but a certain co-worker rubbed me the wrong way and BAM! I turned into Nasty McNasty. I think it knocked her back on her heels and she scurried to her corner, but the damage was done. She felt the need to stop by my desk AGAIN and soon figured out that I was not going to be accommodating (slow learner)

4. After lunch I brought the office some Sundried Tomato and Basil Wheat Thins. (My new favorite cracker) Thought that might smooth over my nastiness. BUT I had to go to Wal-mart to get the crackers (and you know how I LOVE Wal-mart, NOT) In the wheat thins area, there were 3 boxes of wheat thins and none were the Sundried Tomato. I almost whirled around and spewed nastiness all over the shelf stocker, but I saw a family sized box on the top shelf and grabbed those. And sped back to the office

and the best part!

5. Since everyone is avoiding me and my foul I am sitting at my desk eating a family sized box of my new favorite crackers.

p.s. And in case you are wondering...I did offer crackers to those in my department but, I think they are still scared. TOO BAD, these are great crackers!


technorae said...

Sounds to me that the reason for the nastiness has nothing to do with the co-workers and mostly to do with how you are feeling about being a mom. Sweet Pea will be fine. Babies cry in the middle of the day sometimes. That doesn't mean you are a bad mom or that you can change it. It is what it is. Rejoice that you nursed the 6 months, put on your big girl panties, and march forward! There are many positives to not nursing. Think about that! :)

Amy said...

I am the opposite of you in that I wanted to nurse so I had boobs for once in my life. I don't think you feel that way. Great job on 6 months. But unfortunately, when you quit nursing you have to quit eating whole boxes of crackers by yourself. LOL