Monday, March 10, 2008

keep'in up with the kids

Sweet Pea slept most of the weekend. Seems that keeping up with the other kids all week is just plain wearing her out. There have always been a 3yr old and 2 2yr olds at they added an 18mo girl. That gives Sweet Pea competition for toys and attention. She has not been handling the competition very well, but this weekend I think she is getting over that. We are working on sharing and I am not really sure how that works for an almost 8mo old child, but we are trying. She has to share the daycare lady and she has to share the toys. Honey Bun is glad there is someone closer to her age, so she does have to share...because at home...none of us share much.

Because she doesn't want to miss anything (and I don't think they try hard enough) she has only been taking one nap. (She took 2 long naps on both Sat and Sun) (very easily)(and in bed by 9pm) But then with only me to entertain her, what's to miss?

And she was on a food strike, only wanted milk and only wanted Mom to hold her. So I got my baby back this weekend, kinda fun...but I am kinda ready for the tray slapping, spoon grabbing girl to be back in the high chair at dinner tonight.

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