Tuesday, March 4, 2008

traveling companion

Sweet Pea and me went to visit Little Miss and best Girlfriend. We had such a great visit! Weather was wonderful. Warm and just a little windy. We were 2 friends with 2 strollers and 2 little girls and we were loving life! It was a "look at us" moment and we both said, "We're doing it!"

We took the little pick-up, which I was worried about, but turned out to be a really good decision. No travel problems and since we were both in the front seat of the cab, she could see me and I could see her. There was only one point it was touch and go...she flinged the Binky on the other side of the truck and mommy couldn't reach it. And there was crying about that. But we were 15 minutes from home and didn't need to make an emergency stop to find it. Otherwise nothing. I could reach the snacks and give her some to keep her busy while we were in traffic, I could hold her hand when she wanted to sleep. We sang songs and I even was telling stories to pass the time. I passed toys and she passed them back and we just plain talked. Like I said, it was wonderful. Who knew that traveling with a 7mo old could be fun?

Next we have Easter travel to the lakehouse and we are planning to go visit bread baking fiancee...can I plan on it going this smooth?

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