Monday, April 28, 2008

If eating were an Olympic event...

my daughter would win the gold!

In one fell swoop, she has moved to the toddler stage. She won't eat from the spoon (if I am holding the spoon) and the mess-o-meter is off the charts. The only right thing I did this weekend, was realize that trouble was brewing and I bought some toddler food on Saturday night as I ran through the grocery on Sunday when she absolutely refused to eat ANYTHING I suggested...I started tossing chunks of food on the tray and she gobbled it right down. She even ate those icky looking meat sticks(and loved them) which are not so much like hot dogs and much more like ground up chicken in a tube like form. She doesn't like the tube part but squeezes the chicken part out and eats it up like nobody's business. It is like a light switch has turned on and she is now a babbling, eating and standing on her own kinda girl. She has even taken a few steps on her own, but still can make more progress crawling. She is growing up. Also a headstrong little thing and I can see many a tantrum in our future as she is already starting to scream if things don't go her way. I can see that life is going to be hard for her.

Sleeping is getting easier. I am getting smarter about it all and right now am wise to her game. She has to stay in the bed and cry it out more, which is just killing Honey Bun. Mostly because he can't sleep once he is woken up at night. And that baby monitor is a problem for him. He turns them all down and when I figure it out, I turn them back up. I still think I need to hear her every breath. Times are a changing at our house, and the baby monitor will go to the lake house soon, but right now, I want to be able to hear her need me.

We got some summer clothes and I was thinking that I spent too much money on it all, but then realized that I just got t-shirts and shorts and even for myself I get new summer clothes each season to freshen up the old stuff and why should it be any different for Sweet Pea. Once I got that figured out, it was all good. I still haven't found any shoes for her. I guess in my head, I think she should have some good shoes to start walking. I look around when shopping and just am not loving anything. I don't want to spend a small fortune on shoes for this little person, but then I want her to get off to a good start. I have some hand-me-downs from Little Miss, but then I think she should have her own pair and I can afford some shoes for her to start walking in. I know I am a mental case about these shoes...consequently she has none. We will shop again this weekend, because it is the region tournament and we will go watch the team play and lucky for is close by!

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