Thursday, April 24, 2008

sick and tired

We are all sick and tired at our house. Sweet Pea brought home a head cold and it is making the rounds. Last night Honey Bun said he was starting to feel a scratchy throat and I am about 2 days into the sickness. Sweet Pea started on Sunday, so I am hoping that she is on the downhill slide.

I have not posted in 2 weeks and I will try to catch you up on life around here.

We (me, mom, sister and sweet pea) traveled to visit bread-baking fiancee last weekend. It was a wonderful trip. We took the train and it was a great choice for us. Mostly because on the way home Sweet Pea was starting to get sick and threw up all over me and I mean ALL OVER ME...but the bright side was I was able to go get my suitcase and change clothes, we would not have been able to do that on an airplane. Weather was good, we had 2 little rain showers that we walked through otherwise it was warm and beautiful. Good time was had.

I have started counting down the days till the end of the season. Honey Bun is working hard and the girls are too, but I am ready for the laundry to sit and him to rest. We have 9 days left. I am just tired of all the drama. Wears a wife out!

Sweet Pea turned 9 months old. She got 2 more teeth and now has 8. And she has started biting stuff, mostly meaning her mother.

I can't think of anything else to I must be done for now. Let's hope we get some rest tonight and we aren't all coughing all night long, again.

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