Monday, April 7, 2008

a sign ? ! ?

I have been using sign language with Sweet Pea since she turned 6 mo old.

Saturday night...I think she used a sign! I have been signing "eat", "drink", "more", "up" Very easy signs and I always used them at meal times. When doing the sign for more, you pull both hands together and repeatedly touch fingers.
And that was what I saw her doing on Sat night...OR...she was just touching her fingers together...

I got all excited and threw a ton on puffs on her tray and quickly made more cereal, but I think in my excitement I scared her off, because she didn't eat anything else.

Later on Sunday she pointed to the sky (which means up, as in pick me up) Again I think I over-reacted, because she looked at me like I was a crazy person for repeating up, up up. I picked her up and praised her. Let's hope we see more sign language from this little girl.


Amy said...

That is great. Kevin responded the same way to start. We don't do many signs but they are wonderful to have . Congrats.

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