Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hooter's girl...I am not

Last night after the child was asleep, which is going so much better, but I have decided it depends on the day and her mood and her activity and her diet. So I am trying to stop obsessing about the sleeping. SO...Honey Bun has this sweet set-up in the garage, he has a TV out there and the beer fridge close by, He has the lawn chairs all set up and the cooler as a foot rest...it is a man's den out there. I stepped out to casually see what he was doing out there and he has his eyeballs glued to the screen. Turns out he is watching the Hooter's girls beauty pageant. His eyes were actually glazed over! When he finally clued in and realized I knew what he was watching, he was embarrassed about being caught watching. Kinda cracked me up! So I razzed him about that and then went back to the family room to watch the rest of the Bachelorette. Both of us were watching quality TV last night!

His only comment when the pageant was over was that he thought they all might have had "fake" boobs...well Duh! was all I said to that. I think that fact might have actually ruined the whole thing for him. Which kinda makes me feel better, but I wish you could have seen his face when he was caught...made me laugh out loud.

By the way--I am totally into the Bachelorette this time, again. I just hope I remember when it is on so I can watch next week. I am going for Jason, Graham, the science geek and one more I can't remember his name.

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