Thursday, May 15, 2008

Plan B

You guessed it. My trusty little humidifier plan, crashed. I just about broke my arm, patting myself on the back yesterday and fairly skipped into the child's room to turn on the machine last night when a horrific squeaking noise was all I got. And then the panic sets in. I was running all over the house searching for something that made noise. I drug the huge de-humidifier in from the garage-cleaned it all up and turned that on. BUT that puts out alot of heat and not 15 min later Sweet Pea had sweat pouring off of her. Turned that off and found a small radio and set it to static. Didn't work--crying child. So I filled up the trusty humidifier with water to check to see if I had done damage, still worked! I turned it on in her room. But then I was worried about too much moisture(I have bad allergies to mold, mildew and the like) So I set the de-humidifier outside of her room and turned that on. Thinking that might take out some of the moisture that I was putting into the air. Perfect, right?!

As you can also guess, Honey Bun was not at home last night--he is usually the voice of reason, and I was clearly a panicked mess running around the house looking for a machine with a motor. I even considered running the blender ALL NIGHT LONG, but eliminated that idea when I couldn't figure out something to blend for that amount of time.
So when he got home, he only asked one question "So what are we doing here?" And when I launched into my reasoning behind the madness I had set up, I know he was sorry he asked.

But what I had forgotten, up on the top shelf in the garage sits the air purifier(lacking a filter)

Gonna try that tonight!

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