Wednesday, July 2, 2008

house projects in high gear

We have been working on home remodeling this month. Both of us. Honey Bun is learning all about guttering and installing new. He has also replaced the sliding glass door in the family room. I am painting. Family room and Kitchen are slated to be be painted in the near future. Sunday I got halfway around the room with the first coat...and that is where the project has stalled. You see, I can't paint with Sweet Pea around. And I got the work done on Sunday during her 2 naps. Doesn't seem like I get anything painted in the evenings after she is in bed. Between cleaning up messes and other mom tasks, there is no time to paint before I am ready to fall into bed. Guess my painting will be on the back burner till after the holiday weekend and I can make more of an effort to finish.
I found carpet for the family room that I really like. I shopped home-town second. Actually I shopped a discount warehouse type place in a neighboring town first and GOT NO I stomped out and went to the local carpet place. They have something I want, price is alright(not wonderful, but alright) , they will remove the old yucky carpet AND they were so happy that I was there. I had one more carpet place on my list but I think I will forgo that just get it scheduled and take the alright price and enjoy my carpet.

My fear is that I will get this fixer-upper of a house fixed up...and Honey Bun will get the itch to move. Because you know that is going to happen sooner rather than later.

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