Wednesday, July 9, 2008

On holiday

This month I just want to be "on holiday" I certainly don't want to be working, and lucky for seems I have scheduled more days out of the office than in.

The 4th of July weekend was a family extravaganza. We saw all the aunts(except two) all the uncles(expect one) all the cousins (except three) and saw one set of grandparents and Sweet Pea made 3 phone calls to the other set. She loves phones and remotes and snagged Honey Bun's phone numerous times this weekend and started punching buttons. On the first phone call to Grammy, Grammy was so happy to get a call from granddaughter...on the third call in so many days, Grammy was telling Sweet Pea to "give the phone to your Dad".

Tomorrow is Sweet Pea's photo shoot. I have planned her first year pictures with a photographer in a neighboring town. I know it is over the top...but you only turn one once, right?

We are meeting "smokin' drinkin' " and her son at the zoo on Friday. Son is 2.5 and "smokin' drinkin'" and I have been friends since college days. Should be a good time (if it is not too hot) (or kids aren't too cranky)

And then it is time to gear up for the BIG First Birthday Party at the lakehouse. I am all worked up about that, as you can imagine. I have big plans and we will see how it all works out. I ordered a cake pan to make a duck cake for my little birthday girl. The pan hasn't arrived yet, but when it does...I will have to make a few practice cakes(the girls at the office will love that) because you know I am not much of a cook and the duck is supposed to be 3-D. Not really sure how it will work out or if it will stand up. It will be an adventure. I will take photos when I am creating.

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