Friday, August 22, 2008

Pain, Pain go away

TEETH strike again. We are battling the next level of teeth. Those big molars in the back. Bottom left is almost broken through and the other 3 are knocking on the door. Sweet Pea is on antibiotics for the ear infection that the teeth caused (just like when we got the big front teeth)

The sad thing is she is waking from nighttime sleep and naptime sleep crying with pain and chewing on the binky wildly. So I try to get some meds down her and we rock back to sleep.
We still have the baby monitor going(Honey Bun protests still using it) but I stagger into the bedroom to the crying baby. This week I have been tired and truly have been staggering into her room. TGIF


Amy said...

Don't feel bad. We still use the monitor. We actually use two (sound and motion). I don't think DH will ever want to give them up even being next door.

Teeth suck. The thing that worked the best for us was the little pills that dissolve under their tongue.

I am so sorry you just got my blog address. I thought I had given it to you since you were my inspiration.

technorae said...

We also gave our kids A LOT of popsicles when they were teething. Yes, they are messy and yes, they are sticky--but they sure seemed to do the trick.

It worked best to give the popsicles to the kids in the backyard so the stickies would simply fall on to the grass and then we could hose off or wash up at the outside water faucet.

Of course, that's hard to do at night! HA!

At night we did the baby Numbzit (not sure if they make it anymore) and baby Tylenol. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't.