Friday, September 26, 2008

deep thoughts

I am a planner. I have my calendar and I plan my weekends for travel, fun, family and obligation. My folks travel alot and I usually see them someplace other than their house. Actually I have not been to their house in a year, I am embarrassed to say. I have been yearning to go home, to sleep in my grandmother's old bed, eat oatmeal and drink my father's coffee. And I wanted to take Sweet Pea to stay at her grandma's. Even if traveling is hard, sleeping is hard and eating is hard with a 14 month old child. I had it all planned for next weekend including using a vacation day for travel.

Then an old, old friend of Honey Bun's called. He is getting married. In 3 weeks. In the same town that my parents live in. So that makes 2 long drives, lots of gas money and stress in weekends back to back. Do I cancel my personal trip home with daugther and without husband?

With state of the economy I hate to spend extra money. I think hard times are coming and I need to get my credit cards paid off and work real hard not to charge Christmas purchases. I am a horrible saver and I also just spent money on clothes for myself(and still feeling guilty about it) In my mind, I could just charge the gas and make the trips. But again I need to be saving and we will be traveling home for Thanksgiving and to the in-laws for Christmas. In the next week, I will have to brew on this issue and make a decision that I am comfortable with.

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