Wednesday, October 1, 2008

travel planned

Decision made. Going home. Taking off work on Friday. Leaving town. Going home.

Sweet Pea has been sick and the doctor said this time looked worse than last time. She has tons of green snot. Very green and very much. She started antibiotics on Monday morning and last night she still had green snot. I commented to Honey Buns and he said it has to get out. I guess I thought that once you started antibiotics the snot just got better, but he explained that it doesn't work that way. You have to get rid of the green stuff before the better stuff starts. For my whole life, I never knew about that part of sickness. My husband is so smart!

I have tons of stuff on my list to do while I am at home. Which means that Sunday will be busy getting it all done and Saturday will be filled with running around town and enjoying Sweet Pea and watching her with her grandparents.

I have a full October planned, every weekend is full of traveling and fun. I like October and the crisp mornings and brisk evenings. I like the leaves falling and crunching. I like chili on the stove and apple crisp. I even like thinking about Christmas shopping.

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Amy said...

This may sound bad, but how tight is money. If you can afford it, I would go both. By doing that Sweet Pea will have more quality time with gma and gpa. But if not, don't worry about it. She still will get the experience.

Wonderboy is in much the same situation. Gma and Gpa always come to him. It was only this summer that he first stayed there.

Good Luck in your decision.